Wojciech Małota-Wójcik


dev to death

Who I am:

What I work on:

Most interesting projects I've been involved in so far:

Evaluate my coding skills:

The way I work:

Most important tools I use:

If you want to approach me:

  1. Read this: github.com/outofforest/declaration-of-responsibility
  2. Ask engineers in the company to look at my code to know if they would accept me.
  3. I'm happy to spend together an hour or two online solving some coding tasks of your choice during recruitment process but if you expect me to accomplish a home assignment then you have to pay for my time. Significant amount of my code is publicly available to let you evaluate my skills for free.
  4. Send me a message containing:
    • Company name
    • Project description
    • Link to public git repositories if available
    • Offered salary